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Welcome to! is the web home for Xycorp Inc.'s EPS processing machinery. We produce various types of machinery for the EPS market, including CNC Contour Cutters, manual hot wire cutters, slabbers and downcutters, automatic wiresetters, and a variety of other specialty machinery.

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The Xycorp Cutting Systems family of Automated Foam Cutting and Foam Coating Machinery is designed to meet the demands of today’s competitive foam fabrication product markets. Powerful software, that is easy to learn and easy use, is combined with a rugged welded steel frame and high quality components make our hot wire cutter the best available on the market today.

Xycorp, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of EPS hotwire cutting machinery. We take great pride in our innovation, high quality and value.


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High Quality:

  • Our machinery is built with high quality components.
  • All machinery passes rigorous tests before shipment.
  • Most machinery comes with expert installation and training included.

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  • Your business depends on our machines - they are designed to be both productive and reliable.
  • Our machinery will perform accurately for many years, with minimal maintenance.
  • We provide excellent support - now and in the future.

Hot Wire Cutterhotwire cutter

Types of machines we produce: